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The Law Firm "Nikas, Theisen & Associates LP" has a longstanding experience, both in and out of court, in all the fields of its practice. The following list shows categories of cases our firm has undertaken and undertakes:

  • Out of court and in court support in private law cases of any kind especially, in cases of transaction law, lease law, real estate law, succession law, quasi-delict law (civil wrong) and transportation law
  • Formation of companies and other legal entities, continuous legal follow up of these companies, and representation in any legal matter, including our participation in their Board of Directors and other management bodies.
  • Legal follow through and processing of any matter related to industrial and intellectual property law, especially the patentability and judicial protection of trademarks and patents.
  • Negotiations and formulation of any kind of contracts related -among others- to the foundation, equipment and general activities of industrial units for production and marketing
  • Receivables management and recovery, in this frame furthermore the prosecution of insolvency and winding up proceedings as well as execution proceedings, among them the execution of foreign titles in Greece
  • Assistance with labour relations of any kind, from the perspective of individual and collective labour law
  • Assistance in criminal cases, especially -but not exclusively- cases referring to economic crime
  • Assistance to third countries' citizens/ private or industrial investors with obtaining a residence permit in Greece
  • Legal advice of any kind to pharmaceutical companies, food companies as well as companies involved in the area of retail sales (including major super markets etc.)
  • Incorporation of renewable energy sources companies and their legal follow-up, assistance with finding the industrial site
  • Cases that fall under the National and European competition law, including cases of national importance and interest, especially as related to commercial law.
  • Representation of Greece in international forums in matters related to the energy law, medical preparations law and environmental law field.
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